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Typographic watercolour coffee print case for iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Blacberry, Sony, LG and HTC cases.

For all the coffee lovers, this case would be a great choice to make your phone a bit more personal. Each coffee cup was drawn and coloured with watercolours to create the nice light look and was then edited digitally to create a very unique coffee pattern.

We use our phones all the time, so why not have them protected in a very stylish way?

The design is available in a wide range of phone models, just pick yours from the list.

made from:

The case itself is made from a light transparent plastic that allows a stylish look without the bulk. After I transfer my artwork digitally, it is then printed directly onto the case, which ensures its durability. The sides are transparent and it has a nice smooth finish.

Please note that on the more curved models there can be a slight fading on the edges, due to the way the case is produced. Each case has slight variations of the design (in terms of the scale of the pattern) as all cases are different sizes and shapes. Also please be aware that different phone models require holes in their cases for sockets and the camera lens, which can obscure parts of the design.


This design is available for the most popular iPhone, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, Sony, LG and Nokia models.